Verigraph Services

We offer expert end-to-end blockchain consultancy services including use case discussion, turn-key execution, training, and marketing communications. Let’s get started…

Consulting and Communications

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and fear missing out. Our aim is to gain a deep understanding of your business and processes, and help identify where decentralization makes sense. From there, we can deliver a comprehensive execution plan to be implemented by your team or through our development service. We can also support your project through clear, persuasive communication.

Development and Auditing

Writing great software is in the details. And that’s even more important in an environment where things have to just work. Whether you’re ready to build a proof-of-concept or production app, we can help with turn-key execution from initial design to final delivery. Already have something written and need more eyes on it? We offer a security auditing service with a comprehensive report to identify potential risk areas.

Training and Awareness

Things are moving fast in this space at all layers from the technology to regulation to the business landscape. Whether you need your development team ramped-up on the foundations of building blockchain apps or general awareness of trends for business stakeholders, we offer comprehensive workshops to get everyone up to speed.